Things to do – Oxford

  1. Oxford Universities map of attractions PDF
  2. Oxford offers 6 routes of audio tours all ranging 60-90 minutes. Each tour can be played through a smartphone. Contact admins about other means of receiving tracks. Each routes comes with a individual PDF as well.
  3. University Museum of Natural History
  1. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis pub (The Eagle and Child)
  2. Walking tours (15)
  3. WINE
  4. Open top bus tours
  5. Oxford River Boat Cruises
  6. The Mad Hatter pub
    • Brush up on your riddles as you’ll have to answer one to get in the door of this Alice in Wonderland-vibed speak easy.
  7. The GLEE Club
  8. Simms Olde Sweet Shoppe
  9. Oxford Covered Markey
  10. CS Lewis National Reserve
  11. Partyman: World of Play

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