Things to Do

There are many things to do in London at every price point.  It is possible to be budget-conscious in London, although this does take some planning. If money is no object, then sky’s the limit!  Everything from shopping at high street shops to west end plays are available to you.

Some sites to help you figure out what you want to see/do:

  • Pub Crawls, Walking Tours, and Information
      • “Pubs” in England/UK are considered casual places that typically serve food.  This is one of the cheaper options for dining out.
  • Barrowboy and Banker
      • a pub recommended by our own expat Richard
  • London Walking Tours
      • These are free self-guided walking tours
  • For-Pay London Walking tours
      • There are tons of guided walking tours for pay, ranging from 20£ to hundreds of pounds.  Note that some of these tours are only on specific days and start at specific times.  Caveat emptor!
  • More London Tours – group tours, bus tours, day tours
      • Viator – collection of many popular tour choices; also has a mobile app
      • Premium Tours – bus tours all over England/Scotland/Wales
      • Double-decker bus tour
      • Movie Tours – for the cinophiles; James Bond, Harry Potter, Downton Abbey, and more!
      • and there are tons of these on the web; do a little hunting because prices can vary for the same tour.
      • Note: tours are nice and easy and some include lunch; however if you want to cut costs, many places can be reached via public transportation.
      • The Alternative London Tour! – walking tours (some free) and more for off-the-beaten-path areas of London
      • Food tours – a great way to see parts of London and sample some great eats
      • Chocolate Tours!!! – A chocolate tour….what more can we say?
  • Doctor Who!
  • Specific Attractions:

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