Institute Schedule

Creating a colloquium experience, the schedule is balanced between collaborative education sessions and “free time,” allowing participants many opportunities to explore the region, spend time with new colleagues, or simply relax! Sessions are offered in blocks composed of 60, 75, or 90 minutes depending on session type and focus. Many of our sessions are presented in a “roundtable” discussion format, meaning they are excellent forums for sharing and generating ideas, gathering feedback, and collaboration. We have time set aside every day for groups to work on collaborative projects.

The schedule below is provided to give interested parties an idea of how to plan their travel. Specific information regarding session topics, times, and locations will be sent to registered participants approximately one month prior to the starting date.

Sample Itinerary: 

Day 1                  Housing check-in (15:00) at Pollock Halls; welcome reception

Day 2                 Opening sessions (including lunch break)

Day 3                 Sessions continue

Day 4                  Group Day Trip

Day 5                  Sessions

Day 6                 Sessions/open day

Day 7                 Departure/check-out by 10:30 am, Pollock Halls