The IAMFC Scotland Experience

Held in July, The IAMFC Scotland Counseling Institute offers a unique and affordable professional development experience that focuses on areas related to family counseling while providing a cultural immersion experience. Attendees interact in a small group setting of international colleagues – graduate students, practicing counselors, and counselors educators – including newcomers as well as leaders in the fields of counseling and marriage and family therapy.

The Scotland Institute is held in the vibrant city of Edinburgh, Scotland, at the University of Edinburgh. Accommodations are provided at Pollock Halls, a set of residences nestled at the base of Mt. Holyrood. The Institute follows the IAMFC Oxford Institute, held at St. Hilda’s College of Oxford University. Attendees have the opportunity to register for both (two weeks total), or for one of the institutes (one week). Registration fees include lodging, breakfast, Institute educational sessions, and scheduled day trips. Some registration discounts are available, including a reduced rate for those who sign up for both Institutes. Please request a registration packet for more details.

The Oxford and Scotland Institutes combined offer unique and complementary experiences. Both are open to counselors, educators, family counselors/therapists, students and professionals in related fields who wish to gain continuing education credit and incorporate a study-abroad experience as part of their education and professional training. Each provides educational experiences in the form of presentations, roundtable discussions, poster sessions, workshops, enrichment experiences and discussion groups. Registration includes sponsored group field trips and independent travel time for participants to enjoy much of what every location has to offer.

Get a glimpse of our previous institutes:

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2 thoughts on “The IAMFC Scotland Experience

    • For information about cost, contact us for the registration packet which includes rates. You would need to make your own travel arrangements from the USA to the UK; contact us and we can offer some suggestions based on your travel needs and interests. We may also be able to put you in contact with others who may be traveling from the same region.


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